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Homeland One Card

Homeland Logo Homeland Dollars for Schools 

~ Use your Homeland One Card next time you make a purchase and ask the cashier to type in Community Christian School's ID number 63142.
~ Every time you use that Homeland One Card the Community Christian School gets credit.

Why shop at Homeland and earn Dollars for Schools?

It's easy!
~ Link your Homeland One Card to the school of your choice.
~ Use that Homeland One Card every time you shop.
~ The dollars automatically add up - - no more receipts to keep!
~ Your personal rewards are not decreased because of supporting a school.
~ If you don't have a Homeland One Card you can get one for free.
~ Any Homeland One Card customer can support any participating school so encourage friends and family from all across the state to join you in supporting your school.
~ If your family has more than one Homeland One Card register them all. Each card can be linked to the same school, or if you want to support more than one school link different cards to different schools.

Dollars for Schools rules

1. Dollars for Schools is not responsible for lost or misdirected registrations, or lost or corrupt transaction data.
2. To be fair to all participants, solicitation of customers on Homeland premises is not permitted.
3. Taxes, alcohol, tobacco, bill payments, ticket purchases, Western Union, lottery, stamps, etc., will be excluded.
4. Purchases must be made at a participating Homeland Store with a registered Homeland One Card to qualify.
5. Homeland One Cards having excessive transactions on any day will be subject to vailidation at the sole discretion of Dollars for Schools.
6. All federal, state, and local taxes are the sole responsibility of the participants and all federal, state, and local laws apply.
7. This offer is void where prohibited by law.
8. Rules are subject to change at the sole discretion of Dollars for Schools.

Linking Your Homeland One Card To The School Of Your Choice

Linking your Homeland One Card at a Homeland Store while making a purchase is the best way to link your card to your school. If, however, you aren't able to do that you can click here and complete the form. We will link your card to your school. Remember, only Homeland One Cards with shopping activity on them during the trimester count toward the minimum of 25 supporters.

Questions and Answers


How do I know the ID number for the school I want to support?
The ID number for Community Christian School is 63142.

How do I link my Homeland One Card to the school I want to support?
1. When making a purchase at Homeland and using your Homeland One Card tell the cashier the school's ID number so they can type it into your transaction. Now your card is linked to that school until you change it so every time you shop using that Homeland One Card the appropriate school gets credit.
2. Above, in the Linking Your Homeland One Card section you can click, complete, and submit the form.

I linked my card to a school last year and I want to support the same school this year. Do I need to do anything?
No. Until you change the school you are supporting your Homeland One Card will continue to support the school you most recently registered regardless of how long it has been since you linked your card to the school.

Do I have to give the cashier the school's ID number every time I shop?
No. Once you link your Homeland One Card to a school every time you use that card that school automatically gets credit.

If we have more than one Homeland One Card in our family do we need to register each one?
Yes. Individual cards need to be registered.