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HS Course Sequence

All courses are a full year unless otherwise specified.  Click here to review Graduation Requirements.

9th Grade


English I

Oklahoma History – 1 semester

Geography – 1 semester

Bob Jones or Saxon Algebra I or Geometry

Physical Science

Required electives - (Choose one):

   Spanish I or Computers

Electives - Choose one full year or two semesters.
(See 9th grade list choices below.)

10th Grade


English II

World History – 1 semester

Philosophy – 1 semester

Geometry or Saxon Algebra II


Required electives - (Choose one):

   Spanish II or Computers
(Need 2 years of a foreign language OR
2 years of computers.)
(May have fulfilled computers in 8th/9th grade.)

Electives - Choose one full year or two semesters.
(See elective choices below.)

11th Grade


American Literature (English III)

US History


Saxon Algebra II or Saxon Algebra III (Trig/Geom)

Electives - Choose a total of 4 semesters.
(See elective choices below.)


12th Grade


British Literature (English IV)

American Government – 1 semester

Anatomy, Chemistry II, Physics, or Zoology
(May choose a second science.)

History of World Views

Algebra III(Trig/Geom), Trig, or Calculus

Electives - Choose a total of 3 semesters.
(See elective choices below.)


For detailed descriptions of electives offered, please click here.

Required Elective Choices for 9th Grade: (Full Year)
(Prerequisites in parenthesis)

Computer Applications OR if already taken Computer Applications in the 8th grade:
Web Programming/Computer Science (Computer Applications)
Spanish I

Elective Choices for High School (10th-12th only in bold print):
(Prerequisites in parenthesis)

Art & Culture - 1 semester (1st sem only)
Art - Drawing - May take up to 2 semesters
Art - Painting - May take up to 2 semseters
Art - Mixed Media - May take up to 2 semesters
Art - Sculpture - May take up to 2 semesters
Athletic Training - Boys only - May take up to 2 semesters (dismisses at 2:45) - Must have own transportation to gym.
Band - full year
Careers & College Prep - 1 semester
Computer Science - 1 semester (2nd sem only) (prerequisite Web Programming)
Drama 1 - Fundamentals of Acting
Drama 2 - Production
Driver’s Education - 1 semester (Must be 15 yrs old by the first day of class.)
Economics - 1 semester (includes personal financial literacy**)
Forensics - 1 semester
Guitar - full year elective - students must supply own guitar
Home Design - 1 semester
Home Econ I  - 1 semester
Home Econ II - 1 semester (prerequisite Home Ec I)
Intro to Interior Design - 1 semester
Musicology - 1 semester
Music Theory - 1 semester (need music background)
Photography - 1 semester (Must have an approved camera.)
Spanish I
Spanish II (Spanish I)
Spanish III (Spanish II)
Speech - 1 semester
Study Hall - (11th and 12th only) - (No credit earned) - Only one semester allowed per year - must have 5 homework classes - not for concurrent enrollment students.
Teacher's Aide - (12th only) - 1 semester or full year
Video Productions (2 years of computers)
Web Programming (Computer Applications)
Yearbook (application required)
Zoology - 1 or 2 semesters (Prerequisite-Biology)

**Personal Financial Literacy is a requirement for graduation.

Concurrent enrollment is allowed for juniors (summer) and seniors (summer and/or during school year) - check with high school advisor for eligibility and requirements. Click here for information concerning concurrent enrollment or email Mrs. Stephens at ccsadvisor@ccsroyals.com.

Moore Norman Technology - Afternoon sessions are allowed for juniors and seniors. Apply in November for the following school year. Check with the high school advisor for eligibility and application.