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Social Studies Department

American Republic - This 8th grade course unfolds the history of the United States through a richly detailed narrative and a colorful, engaging presentation. Starting with the discovery of the New World, students trace the path of American history up to the present day. Along with the historical account, the student is also challenged with the distinctiveness of American values and government, and  the importance of understanding and appreciating United States history.  (Bob Jones/American Republic)

World History - One semester - A survey of history from 4000 B.C. to 1650 A.D.  The course includes the study of Sumeria, Greece, Rome, the Early Church, the Renaissance, and the Reformation.  Particular attention is given to the relationship of each of these time periods to each other and how they corporately lead to the idea of a New World.  (A Beka/World History and Cultures)

Geography - This course is to instruct the student to be familiar with the way God made the world.  To branch out and know of more places than just the country they live.  Each continent and culture are studied, along with landforms and countries within each continent.  (Bob Jones/Cultural Geography)

Oklahoma History - One semester course.  Covers the Trail of Tears to present day history.  The students will understand our state heritage and how we were founded.  Land runs, territorial disputes, and Indian culture will be covered.  (OU Press/The Story of Oklahoma)

Philosophy - An overview of apologetics in reference to the Christian religion.  The course includes discussion of philosophy in general and Epistemology.  Particular interest is given to the existence of God, authority of Scripture, problem of evil, and creation versus evolution.

Political Science - This course deals with systems of government and the analysis of political activity and political behavior.  This class will study the theory and practice of politics.  Particular attention will be given to forming a proper concept of a Christian view of the role of governance.  Study areas will also include the foundation of our governmental system including the branches of government, the role of each branch of government, including the determination of the distribution of power and resources.  Other areas of study are states' rights, comparative politics, special interest groups, the administration and interpretation of law, and the federal government's role as watchdog of our right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

American History (1490-1865) - United States history is to instruct the student in what led up to the founding of America and what America has endured through the years to make them the country that they are today.  From the nation's founding and background, to our War for Independence, to the Civil War which tore the nation apart.  This course is to make them aware of what was done for this country to help them have a better understanding of where they come from and where we might be had things not happened. (Bob Jones/United States History)

American History II - Prerequisite 1490-1865 (Civil War) - Reconstruction to present day history.  Surveying the highs and lows of the economy, race relations, and Presidencies.  Allowing the students to see history from a Christian perspective.  (Bob Jones/United States History)

Economics - One semester class.  Students will be introduced to the basics of economics including:  Supply and demand, cost of production, microeconomics and macroeconomics, benefits of free enterprise, and the global economy.  This course also offers a survey of retail marketing for the purpose of exposing students to small and large companies and how they compete in the business world.  Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Plan will also be included and will meet the OK State Department of Education's requirement for personal financial literacy.

History of World Views - A study of the history of ideas that have shaped and continue to shape the world.  The course includes a survey of philosophy from the Pre-Socratic philosophers to modern philosophers such as Nietzsche, Sarte, and Derrida.  Particular attention is given to understanding the concept of worldview and how it influences personal life.

American Government - An historical survey of the development of the government of the United States of America.  Particular interest will be given to the original documents of America with the attempt of understanding what they say, what they mean, and how we should respond to them.  (Bob Jones/American Government)