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Mathematics Department

Pre-Algebra - Instructor: Mr. Cox - Beginning with a six-week review of arithmetic skills, this course quickly moves to an introduction to basic algebra skills:  signed numbers, percents, like terms, order of operations, equations and expressions.  This course also presents a strong intro into geometry with angles, triangles, perimeter, area and volume.  First level exercises in statistics, base 2, and unit multipliers is also included. (Saxon Algebra 1/2)

Algebra I - Instructor: Mrs. Wimer - Complete Algebra I course covering signed numbers, equations, polynomials, linear graphing, coordinate graphing, word problem applications, abstract expressions, equations, and inequalities.  (Saxon Algebra I)

Algebra II - Instructor: Ms. Hodges - Prerequisite: Algebra I - 2nd level algebra skills that include fractional exponents, quadratic equations, complex numbers, logarithmic equations, word problem applications, systems of equations, rectangular and polar graphing.  (Saxon Algebra 2)

Honors Algebra II - Instructor: Ms. Hodges - Prerequisite: Saxon Algebra IThis course is designed for advanced students who are capable of a more rigorous course at an accelerated pace. The standards for this course provide the foundation for students to pursue a sequence of advanced mathematical studies from Pre-Calculus to Advanced Placement Calculus. Email Mr. Ohsfeldt at JimOhsfeldt@ccsroyals.com for approval.

Geometry - Instructor: Mr. Ohsfeldt - A study of geometric figures, polygons, area and volume, logic, reasoning and proofs, while reviewing Algebra I skills.  (Saxon Geometry)

Trigonometry - Instructor: Mr. Ohsfeldt - Prerequisite:  Algebra 2.  Curriculum covers major topics of geometry:  polygons, formal proofs, congruent and similar triangles.  Curriculum covers major topics of trigonometry:  special triangles, solving triangles, trig expressions, trig equations,and  trigonometric identities.  Additional topics:  basic statistics, basic analytic geometry, logarithms and log equations; permutations; summation notation, systems of equations, and cofactors.

Pre-Calculus - Instructor: Mrs. Wimer - Prerequisite: Honors Algebra II

AP Calculus Summer Packet