Teach to reason
Disciple to love
Main Campus
(405) 329-2500
3002 Broce Dr., Norman, OK 73072
Activity Center - Sports Complex
5300 North Interstate Drive
2 miles North of the Main Campus


Free Month of Tuition

How does a month of free tuition sound? PTSF will cover one month of tuition for one lucky winner! All you have to do is DONATE an item or service for the Spring Festival Auction worth $25, $50, $100+. Bring the item to the PTSF room by Friday, March 12th, with a copy of the receipt showing the value of the item or service. $25-$49 item=one entry into the drawing; $50-$99 item=two entries into the drawing; and $100 item=five entries into the drawing. The higher priced your item is, the better chance you have to win, so THINK BIG!!! Click on the link under Support and PTSF for more information. read more...

6th-12th Student Athletic Shorts and Warmups

Attention Student Athletes: You may now go online to purchase practice shorts at https://store.bamboa.net/ccsroyals. All girls in 6th-12th grade are required to wear CCS practice shorts to every practice for PE and every sport. If they do not wear them, they will not be allowed to practice that day. If you have any questions, please contact bgorton@ccsroyals.com. read more...




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