Teach to reason
Disciple to love
Main Campus
(405) 329-2500
3002 Broce Dr., Norman, OK 73072
Activity Center - Sports Complex
5300 North Interstate Drive
2 miles North of the Main Campus

Staff and Faculty List

Elementary/Middle School Faculty:

Rhonda Bergstrasser - 2nd Grade: rbergstrasser@ccsroyals.com

Rose Cox - 2nd Grade: rcox@ccsroyals.com

Charity Donahoo - Kindergarten: cdonahoo@ccsroyals.com

Robin Donwerth - 5th Grade: rdonwerth@ccsroyals.com

Michelle Dumpit - 5th Grade: mdumpit@ccsroyals.com

Beverly Fillmore - 3rd Grade: bfillmore@ccsroyals.com

Tiffany Gray - 3rd Grade: tgray@ccsroyals.com

Yvonne Hill - 2nd Grade: yhill@ccsroyals.com

Brandon Hodge - Middle School: bhodge@ccsroyals.com

Sherry Hodges - Middle School: shodges@ccsroyals.com

Sarah Hutchinson - 1st Grade: shutchinson@ccsroyals.com

Diane Knight - Middle School: dknight@ccsroyals.com

Raven Martin - 1st Grade: rmartin@ccsroyals.com

Brandi McAlister - Kindergarten: bmcalister@ccsroyals.com

Angie McCracken - 4th Grade: amccracken@ccsroyals.com

Jeanetta McDaniel - Kindergarten: jmcdaniel@ccsroyals.com

Jennifer McIntosh - 1st Grade: jmcintosh@ccsroyals.com

Grace Merlo - Elementary Spanish: gmerlo@ccsroyals.com

Jennifer Myers - Pre-K: jmyers@ccsroyals.com

Cinda Paredes - Elementary and Middle School Art: cparedes@ccsroyals.com

Cailyn Ruppel - Middle School English: cruppel@ccsroyals.com

Shawn Seymour - Middle School: sseymour@ccsroyals.com

Melicia Sharp - Elementary Music: msharp@ccsroyals.com

Tammie Snow - 4th Grade: tsnow@ccsroyals.com

April Thrailkill - Middle School Science: athrailkill@ccsroyals.com

Chad Thrailkill - Elementary PE, HS Girls Basketball: cthrailkill@ccsroyals.com

Kristine Vaughn - 3rd Grade: kvaughn@ccsroyals.com

Kerri Vick - 4th Grade: kvick@ccsroyals.com

Elementary/Middle School Support Staff:

Tina Atherton, Elementary Cafeteria Manager: tatherton@ccsroyals.com

Kimi Bilyeu, Middle School Secretary: kbilyeu@ccsroyals.com

Kristin Green, Financial Officer: kgreen@ccsroyals.com

Christina Maynes, Substitute: cmaynes@ccsroyals.com

Hollie Porterfield, Elementary Secretary: ccsoffice@ccsroyals.com

Debbie Smith, Financial Secretary: dsmith@ccsroyals.com

Ashley Vaughan, Substitute: avaughan@ccsroyals.com

Secondary Faculty:

Melissa Bell - American History, World History, Government: mbell@ccsroyals.com 

Sandy Chambers - 8th English, Home Design, Home Ec, 9th Bible: schambers@ccsroyals.com

Catherine Colvin - 9th-12th Spanish: ccolvin@ccsroyals.com

Jeff Cox - Geography, Economics, Oklahoma History, 8th Bible: jcox@ccsroyals.com

Chelsea Davis - Yearbook, Secondary Art, AP Art: cdavis@ccsroyals.com

Haylie Beth Hodges - Algebra 2, AP Calculus, 9th Bible: hhodges@ccsroyals.com

Diane Hodgson - AP Physics, Physical Science, 10th Bible: dhodgson@ccsroyals.com

Kathryn Lawler - 9th English, 8th Bible: klawler@ccsroyals.com

Christy Ledford - Web Programming, Computer Science, 10th Bible, IT Admin: cledford@ccsroyals.com

Mat McIntosh - Athletic Director, 12th Bible: mmcintosh@ccsroyals.com

Barbara Ohsfeldt - Administrator, 12th Bible: bohsfeldt@ccsroyals.com

Jim Ohsfeldt - Geometry, Psychology: jimohsfeldt@ccsroyals.com

Tim Price - 8th History, Computer Applications: tprice@ccsroyals.com

Tracey Reynolds - Bible, 10th Honors English, Speech, 8th Bible: treynolds@ccsroyals.com

Culley Seymour - Earth Science, Zoology, 9th Bible: coachseymour@ccsroyals.com

Dennis Sharp - Band Director: dsharp@ccsroyals.com

T.J. Van Dyke - History of World Views, Philosophy, Video Productions, Photography, 11th Bible: tjvandyke@ccsroyals.com

Terri Welch - 11th and 12th English, AP Junior and AP Senior English: twelch@ccsroyals.com

Traci Wells - AP Chemistry, Honors Chemistry: twells@ccsroyals.com

LeeAnn Wimer - Algebra 1, Pre-Algebra, Pre-Calculus: lwimer@ccsroyals.com

Emily Winkle - Drama, Theatre Production, 10th Bible: ewinkle@ccsroyals.com

Secondary Support Staff:

Matt Cox, Assistant Principal: mcox@ccsroyals.com

Lan Downing, Registrar: ldowning@ccsroyals.com

Brooklyn Gorton, Athletic Dept. Secretary: bgorton@ccsroyals.com

Kelly Mitcham, HS Cafeteria Manager: kmitcham@ccsroyals.com

Lanette Shropshire, HS Secretary: lshropshire@ccsroyals.com

Diana Stephens, HS Advisor: dstephens@ccsroyals.com