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Chocolate Sale

World's Finest Chocolate Logo

Click the Buy Now button to pay for chocolate or click the Donate button below to donate any amount debit/credit card online through PayPal. You do not have to use a PayPal account.
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$60.00 per case
+ $3.00 Convenience Fee




To Donate Any Amount
+ $3.00 Convenience Fee


Thank you parents, students, teachers, faculty and staff for your commitment to the growth of Community Christian School.  We see the many blessings God has provided CCS with all your hard work throughout the years!  Our fundraisers help keep tuition lower than many private schools in the area allowing us to purchase or replace much needed equipment.  Watch for more information about our chocolate sale at Registration Day!

Students and teachers can earn awesome prizes such as a reserved parking space, “Principal for the day”, “Royal” lunch, 5lb. milk chocolate w/almonds bar, dress code pass, lunch out, cash, and parties.
Custom cases are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. You may contact us at ccsptsf@ccsroyals.com or drop by the PTSF room to pick up more chocolate.