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Main Campus
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3002 Broce Dr., Norman, OK 73072
Activity Center - Sports Complex
5300 North Interstate Drive
2 miles North of the Main Campus

Letter from Mrs. Ohsfeldt

The year was 1986 when the adventure began.  Knowing that God had impressed upon me that a school was to be established in the Norman area, a few dedicated teachers and parents began the search for a location for a school.  One afternoon, my husband Jim and I were driving around looking for a building, when we drove into the parking lot at 3002 Broce Drive.  I turned to Jim and said, "This is where God wants us to plant a school."  At that point, the process began and I have had the privilege of seeing God work miracle after miracle to bring CCS to its present point.  It has not been without hard work, conflict, and sacrifice, but it has always been by God's strength and provision that each milestone has been accomplished.

I have been asked many times in the past 25 years what the five-year plan was for the future of CCS and my reply has always been the same:  "We try to seek God one step at a time and be obedient."  By His grace and through the faithful service of His servants, CCS has had the privilege of sharing God's Word and giving a quality education to thousands of children.

I am so thankful that God chose me to travel this road to serve in Christian education.  Our God is greater than we can grasp and I am assured that the only heritage of any worth or value that we give to children is the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  This gospel gives hope to each generation and will last through eternity.

Thank you for visiting the Community Christian School website.  CCS has been serving our community and surrounding areas since 1986.  Our continuing goal is to provide Biblical teaching, a college preparatory curriculum, and to train young men and women to serve in their local communities.  CCS strives to provide a loving and nurturing atmosphere for students and families.  I would like to invite your family to become a part of the CCS family.

His Servant,
Mrs. Barbara Ohsfeldt
Principal, Community Christian School