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Campus Opportunities

SENIORS: Click here to download college visitation permission form.

College visitation days will count as absences, but will not count against semester test exemption. No more than two college visits will be approved, per senior, without the absences counting against semester test exemption. College visits are for individual seniors to attend the campus with their parent in order to help them make their college choice. Groups wanting to attend together will not be approved.


SWOSU Health Careers Day - Friday, Nov., 5, 2021 - 9am to Noon.  This event is for prospective health career students.  Learn abut majors available through SWOSU (Weatherford & Sayre) by browsing through table exhibits and attending classroom presentations by SWOSU health career programs.  Contact admissions@swosu.edu or 580-774-3782 with any questions.  Register online at www.swosu.edu/admissions/health-careers/registration.aspx.

Summer Academies These are free summer opportunites for 8th - 12th graders.  Register early!!!!

Registration is open! Students entering 8th-12th grade can apply. The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education offers FREE Summer Academies! Spend time at an Oklahoma college or university this summer and discover the fascinating worlds of robotics, architecture, construction, engineering, environmental conservation, and much more! More information is found here http://www.okhighered.org/summer-academies


You are receiving this email because you asked the K-12 Student Outreach Program to notify you when summer camps become available. To stop receiving emails from the K-12 Student Outreach Program, please follow the instructions that appear at the bottom of this email.

Announcing the 2021 sessions of the Colorado School of Mines Summer Camps for K through 12th grade students

Academies for Young Minds

The Academies for Young Minds program this summer offers camps focused on the physical and natural sciences, history, and nature. Camps are available for students in kindergarten, elementary school, and middle school:

  • Science the Rainbow [Grades K-2]
  • Busy Like a Bee [Grades 2-4]
  • Natural Disasters - Science that Explodes, Burns and Destroys [Grades 2-4]
  • Native American Life Among the Bison [Grades 3-5]
  • Charged Up! [Grades 3-5]
  • Raptors: The Winged Predators [Grades 3-5]
  • Crash! The Basics of Aeronautical Engineering [Grades 3-5]
  • The Science of Spies [Grades 3-5]
  • Survival Academy [Grades 5-7]
  • Engineering Mayhem [Grades 5-7]

The Academies for Young Minds encourage children to be innovative and use creative problem-solving by engaging them in fun, hands-on activities. Visit our website at https://students.csmspace.com/academies2021summer.html for descriptions of each camp, times and dates, information about each camp leader, and more.

The Academies for Young Minds summer camps are available to kindergarten, elementary school, and middle school students — although not all camps are available for all grades. Please visit the website for full information about eligibility requirements.

Engineering Design Summer Camps

In the Engineering Design Camps, students will be guided through a fun and rewarding hands-on experience of authentic engineering design practices, with the goal of designing and constructing a real solution for a real problem. This year's projects include bridge building and a challenge to design a complex machine to perform a simple task. Also, two camps are focused on the use of computer software to design and model in 3D.

  • SolidWorks™ – Session I [Grades 10-12]
  • SolidWorks™ – Session II [Grades 10-12]
  • Rube Goldberg [Grades 10-12]
  • Leonardo's Self-Supporting Bridge [Grades 8-9]

The Engineering Design Summer Camps are open only to students entering the grades listed above for each camp in the fall of 2021.

Visit our website at https://students.csmspace.com/edsc2021.html for descriptions of each camp, times and dates, information about each camp leader, and more.

Registration for all camps opens at 10:00 AM (MDT) on Monday, March 29, 2021. Registration is available only online with payment required by credit/debit card at the time of registration. To register, please go to the Internet address shown immediately below:


See you at the Camp!

Summer Camps

2021 Summer Camps at Colorado School of Mines

for K through 12th Grade Students