Teach to reason
Disciple to love
Main Campus
(405) 329-2500
3002 Broce Dr., Norman, OK 73072
Activity Center - Sports Complex
5300 North Interstate Drive
2 miles North of the Main Campus


Look what the Lord has done!

In June of 1986, the dream of having an independent Christian school was conceived and quickly grew into a desire.  By faith, a group of parents and teachers set out to search for a location for a Christian school.  When the property at 3002 Broce Drive was discovered, the real estate company was contacted about purchasing a third of the building.  The realtor responded, “People don’t sell thirds of buildings.”  He soon learned that God will always accomplish His will.  In order to purchase the building, we needed a down payment of $50,000.  We didn’t have the money, but we had an abundance of faith.  We put our faith into action and began to go to friends and acquaintances asking to borrow money.  It came in loan increments of $50 to $30,000.  When the down payment came in, we took possession of the building with two weeks to prepare for school.  With lots of hard work, prayer, and laughter, the building was cleaned, painted, and auction furniture purchased.  We were excited to see what God had done.

   In September of 1986, CCS teachers, with staff and administration, opened its doors to 86 students in grades pre-school through 9th grade.  Teachers came knowing there might not be a salary, but they knew their children would be in a Christian school and that God would supply their needs.  As the school year began, we agreed that each school day at 10:00, all classes would pause, kneel at our desks, and ask God to supply our daily needs.  Our staff and student body observed God’s faithfulness and all needs were met.

   At the end of two years, all loans for the down payment, plus interest, had been repaid to the individuals who had entrusted their money to us.  Salaries had been paid and enrollment continued to grow.

   In 1992, the remainder of the building was purchased.  The school was given possession of the remaining portion of the building during the third week of July 1992.  In less than six weeks, fourteen thousand square feet of warehouse space was transformed into the Junior High and High School classrooms.  The work was accomplished through the hard work of many dedicated parents and staff – at the cost of approximately ninety thousand dollars.  The south one-third of the building was later converted from warehouse space to the chapel, additional classrooms, and an elementary gym.

   In 1995, the school purchased twenty-one acres of property located two miles north of the present campus with frontage on I-35 access road.  The current football stadium was constructed and for the first time ever, CCS truly had a home field.  In 2001, an all-purpose building was constructed housing a three-court basketball court, a weightlifting room, cheerleading room, hospitality room, dressing rooms, coaching offices, and a 2000 seat spectator section.  The baseball field was built in 2004 and the indoor batting cages were built in the summer of 2006.   Full accreditation was acquired through the Association of Christian Teachers and Schools in 2008.

How Football Began at CCS:

   In 2012, the property west of the elementary building was purchased.  The existing building was being used as a machine shop.  In October 2012, CCS began remodeling and expanding the shop building.  The existing building was gutted and converted to classrooms.  Additional space was added to the north and south sides of the original building.  This space contains classrooms, administrative offices, and the library.  Construction was completed in March 2014 and classes in the new building were first held when school resumed after the 2014 Spring Break.

   The faculty and staff of Community Christian School believe that the hand of God has been evident in the school’s history.  Over the past thirty-one years we have seen God perform miracles greater than we could have imagined.  We have no doubt that it is He who established Community Christian School and that we have been given the privilege of participating in the miracle.  As God continues to provide all that is needed to maintain an excellent academic, spiritual and moral education for our children, CCS intends to continue to dedicate itself to the needs of our Christian community.