Teach to reason
Disciple to love
Main Campus
(405) 329-2500
3002 Broce Dr., Norman, OK 73072
Activity Center - Sports Complex
5300 North Interstate Drive
2 miles North of the Main Campus

Elementary Athletics

Fall Flag Football- For boys in 1st-6th grades

Camps and Clinics-offered in summer and fall.

Basketball Leagues- For boys and girls in 3rd-6th grades. Watch for more information.

Attention CCS Parents:  

With the growth of our school and the many sports leagues available in the metro area it is difficult to be aware of the teams, students, and coaches who are representing Community Christian School.  As the end of the year approaches, we would like to make you aware of the following CCS Board policy.

BOARD POLICY:  All usage of the CCS/Community Christian School name, by any organization or on-going activity, is to be approved by the CCS School Board.

Therefore, we would like to remind you that NO organized summer athletic team, at any grade level, is allowed to use the name Community Christian School/CCS in the team name or logo.  CCS does not approve or endorse coaches for summer sports at the elementary level.  Any CCS team formed during the summer/off season will be organized through the CCS Athletic Department at the Middle School or High School level only.

Thank you, Mrs. Ohsfeldt